10 Tasty And Healthy Ways To Enjoy A Sandwich On A Paleo Diet

paleo breakfast biscuit sandwich

There is something about these sandwiches that kids can’t resist them. I don’t know why they prefer a sandwich more than cooked food. Maybe I’ll get it in future.

Anyways, if they want to eat a sandwich, let’s give them something that won’t endanger their health.

I found 50 delicious recipes and ways how to enjoy a nice sandwich. They are all under the Paleo Diet radar and perfect for a meal of the day.

If your kid, husband, friend, sister, nephew, and even your neighbour asks for a sandwich, surprise them with something they will remember for a long time.

Don’t be surprised if they keep coming back for more. And more.

1. Paleo Breakfast Biscuit Sandwich

2. Taco Burgers On Paleo Burger Buns

3. Caprese Turkey Burgers


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4. Paleo Meatball Sub with Dry Garlic Rib Sauce


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5. Sandwich Rolls


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6. Breadless Sausage & Egg Sandwich


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7. Paleo Pork Burgers


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8. The Ultimate Paleo Sandwich Rolls


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9. Jibarito With Garlic Avocado Spread (Puerto Rican Plantain Sandwich)


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10.Spanish Traditional And Popular Tapas Sandwiches (Paleo + Gluten Free)


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