6 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Your Hair Treatments

  1. Use Coconut Oil To Fight Dandruffs

Ugh! I hate dandruffs ! Who doesn’t ?! What a horrible thing to wear your favorite black dress only to find that’s just become as white as Snow White! Bad. So bad actually. But it doesn’t have to. Coconut oil will save you the trouble of going through this nightmare over and over by simply getting rid of it in a week or two. Yeah. That’s no bragging. Prepare yourself for a warm farewell to dandruffs in the first two weeks if you follow the tricks listed below :

At night, wash your hair with your natural shampoo and apply a conditioner as usual. After that, grab a bowl and a little of your coconut oil. Put that in the microwave to heat for a minute or two. Gently, massage the awesome coconut oil onto your scalp. Leave it on your scalp. Only then, reach out for a towel and wrap your hair with it. Leave it overnight. Repeat the process everyday. And within a  week or two, you will notice your hair free of dandruffs.

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